Since the texture pack function was officially introduced in Terraria version 1.4, the community has been working on their own creations. That’s why many texture packs are only available in Terraria version 1.4 and later. Mostly the users only change small things, but there are also some packs which aim to replace all textures. Often insiders of YouTubers or whole communities are immortalized.

Here are the most popular Terraria Texturepacks for the 1.4

Among the most popular texture pack is the first almost complete texture pack and one for a modification. Download your Terraria Textue Pack 1.4 !

Sullerandras HD Texturepack for Terraria

The texture pack is very much adapted to the original style of Terraria. Only with the crucial difference that the textures are in HD quality

>Download Sullerandras HD Texturepack for Terraria

The Calamity Texture Pack

>Download The Calamity Texture Pack

Journey’s end Graphics overhaul

This pack consist on mostly just bosses resprites to “fit the 1.4 style“, i tried to keep them as vanilly as possible (including conserving the old color palette)

>Download Journey’s end Graphics overhaul

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