It is the first complete HD texture pack for Terraria.

Made by psmith

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19 Replies to “Sullerandras HD Texturepack for Terraria”

    1. wow I just got the update and this is my first texture pack


      and then I just want to say thanks to terraria developers . this game kept me busy for YEARS

  1. Load up normal terraria without the texturepack or any other ones in the folder; then, open the folder and place back the files. That’s what solved my problem

  2. Corrupted for the new version. Crashes after you quit with the texturepack on. You have to delete config.json in the documents to fix it every time.
    But it is the best texturepack that i’ve seen so far. It’s sad that it is not getting a fix (

  3. Rodrigo Rolim is correct, the texture pack itself in the texture pack menu says it’s only compatible through 1.4.0.x
    It does seem to work if you load the vanilla game, and then activate the texture pack in game, but when you try to boot terraria with the texture pack already activated from last time, it will fail to boot. Removing the texture pack from the ResourcePacks folder will allow terraria to boot again.

  4. Sullerandras, if you’re reading this, is it possible to at least put a band-aid on this problem, so any textures the pack doesn’t have will just revert to vanilla textures instead of crashing on startup? I REALLY like this texture pack (even though I grew up on them, I only play old 2D console games with an emulator with a upscaler like 2xsai or XBR4x now) and strongly desire this for finally getting around to a 1.4.x.x Journey’s End playthrough.

  5. I guess the fix for now, is to load the vanilla game, then activate the texture pack in the menu, and when you’re done playing, deactivate the pack, then quit the game.

  6. ssuller if u r reading this pls do an updat eto this its literally the best texture pack for terraria u r an actualgod

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