This texture pack combines different textures from different YouTubers. Among others:

  • Excalibur, true Excalibur, and shield (Excalibur, True Excalibur, and Paladin’s Shield)
  • Radium’s armor and weapons (Iron armor, cobalt shield, and Iron broadsword)
  • WaffleTime’s Waffle Mask (Mushroom Hat)
  • Waasephi’s Spider armor, djinn’s curse, wings, and jungle rose (Jungle Rose, djinn’s curse, Jim’s wings, and spider armor) (Made by Waasephi)
  • Megaswave’s Dragon (Dragon egg) (Made by Waasephi)
  • Red Lunatic Cultist Robes and Follower Robes (Lunar Cultist Set and Lunatic Cultist Mask)
  • Gage’s Rat King Outfit and Rapier (Iron Shortsword and Ninja Set)

Made by CrusaderAether

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