It is a full game texture pack that is based on a universal crossover between realms and worlds which includes Super Mario Bros, Cookie Run, Kirby, Teen Titans Go!, Teen Titans, Loud House, and many more! Most of the Tilesets are based on my favorite them of SMB Allstars.


An evil god-like monster has threatened to destroy the universe by making replicas of monsters and people and bringing in pure deep darkness and its up to a blonde girl to stop him! However, she must avoid/outsmart any dangers and slay any monsters that blocks her path!

Before Game Starts
-Grass Hoppers – N/a
Worm – Size is much smaller


Green Slime – Green Goomba (SMB)
Blue Slime – Blue Goomba (SMB)
Purple Slime – Purple Goomba (SMB)
PInky – Pinky the Goomba (SMB)

Demon Eye – Jellied Eye (CookieWars)
Zombie – Jellywalkers (Cookiewars)
Armed Zombies – Stick Man (Stickman Adventures)
Boss 1: Eye of Cthulu – Octo Eye (Cookiewars)
Servant of Cthulu – Servants of Octo/Cookie Heads (Cookiewars)

Windy Day
Windy Balloon – Floating Bob-Omb (SMB)
Angry Dandelion – Angry Flower (SMB)

Umbrella Slime – Umbrella Waddle Dee (Kirbeh)(Day)
Flying Fish – Para Cheep Cheep (SMB)(Day)
Raincoat Zombie – Raincoat Jellywalker (Cookiewars)

Squirrel – Mouse (Starbound)
Red Squirrel -Brown Mouse (Starbound)
Bird – Death anim was edited
Blue Jay
Ducks – Mallard’s Death animation was edited
Fish – Death based on Pingu
Water Strider
Turtle – Death anim based on SMB
Lightning Bug
Owl – Death anim was edited
Fairies – Superstars



Meteor Head – Burning Smiley (Everybody Edits)

Maggot Zombie – Gingerbright Jellywalker (Cookiewars)
Ghost – Spooky (Spooky’s Jumpscare Mansion)
Raven – Parakeet (Nintendo DSI y 3DS y SMM)
Zombie – Jellywalker
Demon Eye – Jellied Eye

Rat – Lava Rat

Entrance to the Underground
Gnome – Shyguy (Paper Mario)

The Outer Thirds
Goblin Scout – Koopa Troopa (SMB)
Boss 2: King Slime – King Goomba (SMB)
Spiked Slime – Spiked Goomba (SMB)


Possessed Armor – Possessed Dedede (Kirby Star Allies)
Wraith – Blue Tongued Boo (SMB)
Wandering Eye – Rolling Turtle – Rollin Turtle
Werewolf – Bowser (SMB)
Hoppin’ Jack – Spelunkin (SMB)
Angry Nimbus – Angry Nimbus Cloud (SMB)
Martian Probe – Scribblenaut Probe (Scribblenauts)


Bunny Slime – Bunny Goomba (SMB)
Slime Bunny – Goomba Bunny (SMB)
Costume Zombies – Costume Jellywalkers (Hero, Nurse, Bee)
Costume Eyes – Space Eye (Cookiewars)
Hoppin’ Jack – Splunkin (SMB)


Present Slimes – Present Goombas (SMB)
Festive Zombies -Festive Jellywalkers (Santa, Sophiana)



Giant Worm – Resprite from Super Metroid
Blue Slime – Blue Goomba
Red Slime – Red Goomba (SMB)
Yellow Slime – Yellow Goomba SMB)
Pinky – Pinky the Goomba
Blue Jellyfish – Starfy (DNS)

Mouse – Ice Mouse
Fairies – Super Stars(SMB)
Goldfish – (Death animated)
Mouse 1.3 – Sophiana (Christmas is here again)
Snail – Spike Top (SMB)
Worm – Size Reduced

Digger – Digger SM Style
Possessed Armor – King Dedede
Toxic Sludge – Goombrat SMB
Green Jellyfish – Starfy and Starly (LOS)
Mimic – Mystery Angry Box SMB
Mummy – Toadette



Blackslime – Black Goomba (SMB)
Mother Slime – Mother Goomba/Grand Goomba (SMB)
Baby Slime – Baby Goomba/Micro Goomba (SMB)
Giant Worm – Resprite of SM
Skeleton – Dry Bones (SMB)
Cave Bat – Cave Swooper (SMB)
Blue Jellyfish – Starfy
Piranha – Cheep Cheep SMB
Salamander – Birdo (SMB)
Crawldad – Huckit Crap (SMB)
Giant Shelly – Spiny(HOSTILE) (SMB)
Undead Miner – Noob (Roblox)
Tim – Dr Pingas! (AOSTH)
Lost Girl/Nymph – Princess Terra
Pinky – Pinky the Goomba
Cochineal Beetle – Buzzy Beetle (SMB)
Throwing Skeleton – Dry Brother SMB

Fairies – Super Stars
Mouse – Ice Mouse
Snail – Spike Top
Worm – Smaller size
Crystal Bunies
Crystal Squirrels
1.3 Mouse – Sophiana

Digger – SM remake
Giant Bat – Flying Mouse (Earthbound)
Armored Skeleton – Bony Beetle SMB
Skeleton Archer – Fire Bro SMB
Angler Fish – Neon Cheep Cheep/Fishbone SMB
Green Jellyfish – Starfy n Starly
Rock Golem – Gridnock (TTG)
Mimic – Mystery Angry Box
Rune Wizzard – Galeem (SSBU)

Space Skeletons – Stupid Bones (SMB)

Mini Biomes

Marble Caves

Hoplites – SSB Gay Mario
Medusa – Terra (LL TTG)

Granite Caves

Granite Elemental – Dharkhon (SSBU)
Granite Golem – Armorless Samus (Super Metroid)

Spider’s Nest

Wall Creepers – Slinny ant (Ant smashers)
Wedded Stylist
Black Recluse – Black ants (Ant Smashers)

Blood Moon


The Groom – Mario (SMB)
The Bride – Cocoa Cookie (Cookie Run)
Blood Zombie – Bloody Jellywalker (Cookiewars)

Corrupt Bunny
Corrupt GOldfish – pufferfish
Corrupt Penguin
Vicious Bunny
Crimtane GOldfish – Crimcheep SMB
Vicious Penguin

Wanderin Eye fish (Para Gross Cheep) SMB
Zombie Merman – SSB Mario Jellywalker (Cookiewars)


Clown – Cherry and Blackberry Cookie (Cookierun)
Chattering Teeth Bomb – Bob-Omb SMB

DreadNautlius – Ogura DNS
Hemogoblin Shark – Wierd:red: thing from SMB
Blood Squid
Blood Eel – Bloody Worm SM


Sand Slime – Sand Goomba
Vulture – Parakoopa(YI)
Antlion – Nerdy the Turdy (SMLogan)
Antlion Charger – Desert Turtle (SMLogan)
Antlion Swarmer – Ripper Ii (Super Metroid)
Angry Tumbler – (Spikeball SMB)

Scorpion – Spiny(SMB)
Black Scorpion – Grey Spiny(SMB)
Pupfish – (Based on Starbound)


Boss 9: The Twins (Spazmatism & Retinazer) – Master Hand and Crazy Hand SSB
Mummy – Toadette SMB
Dune Splicer – Tower Power Pokey SMB
Sand Shark – Ami on a Giant Worm (Hihi Puffy Amiyumi)
Bone Biter
Flesh Reaver – Dark Ami (HHPAY)
Crystal Thresher – Ball Claire (Loud House)
Sand Elemental – Terra (Teen Titans)

Pumpkin Moon


Bouncy Scarecrow – Balloon Girls (Luca, Terra, Jessica, Ariel)
ScareCrow – Count Bleck (Paper Mario)
Splinterling – Porky’s Minion (Mother 3)
Hellhound – Poobal Squidward (Spongebob)
Mourning Wood – Porky (Mother 3)
Pumpking – Snatcher (Hat in Time)
Headless Horsemen – Dr Robotnik (Sonic)
Polterghast – Blackberry’s Ghost (Cookie Run)


Lot Golfer
Antlion – Nerdy
Antlion Larva – Baby Deserter (SML)
Antlion Charger – Desert turtle
Antlion Swarmer – Ripper II
Giant Antlion Charger – Desert Tortoise (SML)
Giant Antlion Swarmer – Gripper !V (SM)
Sand Slime – Desert Goomba (SMB)
Tomb Crawler – Pokey (SMB)

Baslisk – Bully SMB
Sand Poacher – Super Spiny (SMB)
Lamias – Peachette and Paper Toad(SMB)
Dune Splicer – Tower Power Pokey (SMB)
Ghoul – Creeper (Minecraft)
Vile Ghoul – (Vile Creeper) MC
Tainted Ghoul – Tainted Creeper (MC)
Dreamer Ghoul – Dreaming Creeper(MC)
Desert Spirit – Phantan (Teen Titans Go and Super Metroid)


Ice Slime – Ice Goomba (SMB)
Frozen Zombie – Popo Jellywalker (iceclimbers)
Frozen Arm Zombies – Frozen Stick People (Stickman)

Penguin – Death anim Pingu Style! NOT NOOT!


Boss 11: Skeletron Prime – Baldi (Baldi’s Basics and Education and Learning!)
Ice Elemental – Ice Smiley (EE)
Wolf – Chill Bully (SMB)
Ice Golem – Ice Torizo (SM)

Frost Legion

Hardmode-Post-Mechanical Boss

Mr Stabby – Mr Flurry SMB
Smowman Gangsta – Ugly Patrick (Spongebob Squarepants)
Snow Balla – Yellow Bellyette (Megaman and Wario Land)


Frost Moon


Zombie Elf – Rest of the Shyguy (Paper Mario)
Elf Archer – Lucas (Mother 3)
Elf Copter – (Winged Lucas ) Mother 3
Gingerbread Man (GIngerbrave Man) Cookierun
Nut Cracker – Bowser Jr SMB
Everscream – Ice Porkey (Mother 3)
grampus – Grinch (The Grinch)
Present Mimic – Snow Angry Box SMB
San_TANK – Naughty Santa
Flocko – Cirno (Touhou)
Ice Queen – Princess Terra (TTG)
Yei – Yeti Krabs ( Spongebob)

Eater of Souls – Lil-Eater(Otherworld)
The Devourer – Otherworldly Devourer
Corrupt GOldfish – Puffer Corrupt Cheep Cheep SMB
Boss 3: Eater of Worlds – Deorem(Metroid Zero Mission)

The Corruptor – The Infector (Terraria Otherworld)
Corrupt Slime – Corrupt Goomba SMB
Slimer – Goomber SMB
Slimelings – Goomblings SMB
World Feeder – Style of Evil Cogs
Dark Mummy – Dark Toadette (MALBIS)

Cavern Layer Hardmode

Clinger – Recored Luigi Sprite (SMB)
Cursed Hammer – Francissca’s Icy Hammaxe (kirby)
Corrupt Mimic – Te Pingas Mimic (Sonic the hedgehog!)


Blood Crawler – Blood Ant (Ant smasher)
Face Monster – AGP (Angry Grandpa Show)
Crimera – Recolored form from Ant smasher
Boss 4: Brain of Cthulhu – Phantoon (Super Metroid)
Creeper – Barney (Barney n Friends)


Herpling – Muncher SMB
Crimslime – Crimgoomba SMB
Blood Jelly – Scuba Goomba SMB
Blood Feeder – Blood Cheep SMB
Blood Mummy – Blood Toadette

Cavern Layer Hardmode

Ichor Sticker – Sid Chang (Loud House)
Floaty Gross – Adelaide Chang (Loud House)
Crimson Axe – Flamberge’s Fiery Greatsword (Kirby)
Crimson Mimic – Crimson Maid’s Mimic (Touhou)

Goblin Invasion (All in SMB)


Goblin Peon – Koopa Troopa
Goblin THief – Koopa Cyan Troopa
Goblin Warrior – Armored Koopa
Goblin Archer – Hammer Bro
Goblin Sorcerer – Blue Magikoopa


Goblin Summoner – Kamek(Paper Mario)
Shadowflame Apprentice – Bullet Bill(SMB)


Jungle Slime – Jungle Goomba (SMB)
Jungle Bat – Jungle Swooper (SMB)
Piranha – Cheep Cheep (SMB)
Snatcher – Piranha Plant (SMB)
Dr Bones – Adventurer Cookie (Cookierun)
Big Bee – Multistingby
Bee – Stingby

Jungle Turtle (Death anim based on smb)


Derpling – Sidehopper (Metroid FUsion)
Giant Tortoise – (Gore edited)
Giant Flying Fox – Para Spiny (SMB)
Angler Fish – Bony Fin
Arapaima – Ariel My lil Mermaid
Angry Trapper – Petey Piranha (Super Mario Sunshine)

Hornet – Kihunter (supermetroid)
Man Eater – Venus Fire Trap SMB
Jungle Bat – Jungle Swooper
Spiked Jungle Slime – Spiked Jungle Goomba SMB
Piranha – Cheep Cheep
Lac Beetle – Lac Beetle SMB
Dr Bones – Adventurer Cookie
Jungle Slime – jungle Goomba
Bee – Stingby SMB
Big Bee – MultiStingby SMB
Boss 5: Queen Bee – Queen Stella (Toddworld)


Jungle Creeper – Pider (Paper Mario)
Moth – ParaBeetle (SMB)
Moss Hornet – Moss Kihunter (SM)
Angry Trapper – Petey Piranha
Arapaima – Ariel
Giant Tortoise – (Edited Gore)
Plantera – A Human version of herself (TTG)

Post Plantera

Lizhard – Pineapple Tribe (Cookie Run)
Flying Snake – Pacman (Pacman)
Golem – Mario Golem (SMB)

Post Golem

Jungle Mimic – Jungle Angry Box (SMB)

Spore Bat – Larva Metroid (SM)
Spore skeleton – Atari Goomba ATTARI FAST EDDIE


Anomura Fungus – Princess Cookie
Mushi Ladybug – Apple Cookie
Fungi Bulb – Nipper
Giant Fungi Bulb – Spooky the Ghost (Spooky’s Horror Adventures)
Fungo Fish – (Gint Metroid)

Glowing Snail – Blue Spike Top
Truffle Worm

Solar Eclipse

Post-Mechanical Boss

Vampire – Lucy Loud (Loud House)
Frankenstein – Smiley (Everybodyedits)
Swamp Thing – Mudman (Cookiewars)
Fritz – Corpsed Mario (SMB)
Creature of the Deep – Mermaid Guard (Nursery Rhymes)
Eyezon – Jinx (TTG)

Post all Mechanical Boss

Baby Mothron – Sunset Shimmer (MLPEG)
Mothron – Daydream Shimmer or Solar Eclipse (MLPEG AU)
Reaper – Lucy 2nd Phase (Loud House)

Post Plantera

Butcherer – Piggy (Angry Birds)
Deadly Sphere – Deadly Fidget Spinner (Sploder)
Psycho – PsychoDad (PsychoDad)
Dr Man Fly – Peerat (Barney)
Nailhead – HogPop (Hogpop)

Harpy – Terra the Balloon Pixie (TTG)
Bad Word (Mod)


Wyvern – Rainbow Turtle (Rolling Turtle)
Boss 10: The Destroyer – Angry Robot Turtles (Robot Turtle)
Probe – Pissed Turtle (Rolling Turtle

Post Golem

Martian Probe

Martian Madness


Martian Saucer – Samus’s Starship (AM2R)
Scuttlix – Ballset Shimmer (Equestria Girls)
Martian Walker – Ballgown Punk (Loud House)
Martian Drone – Starite Probe (Scribblenauts)
Tesla Turret
Martian Officer – Lily (Scribblenauts)
Martian Mechanic – Lily’s Twin (Scribblenauts)
Gigazapper – Carol Ball (Loud House)
Brain Scambler – Maxwell (Scribblenauts)
Ray Gunner – Armor Samus (Metroid)
Gray Grunt – Sarah (Looped)

Old Man
Boss 6: Skeletron – Krad (Christmas is here again)
Dungeon Guardian – Creep from Sploder

After Krad is defeated…
Bound Mechanic
Angry Bones – Angry Bones (SMB)
Dark Caster – Magikoopa (SMB)
Cursed Skull (Boo) SMB
Dungeon Slime – Kirbeh (Kirbeee)
Spike Ball – Probably a roto disk in the next update
Flaming Wheel – Giant Rinka LOL (SM)

Hardmode Post Plantera

Rusty Armored Bones – Psycho Dad Team (Psycho Series)
Blue Armored Bones – Veteran Team (CIHA, Hat in Tine, Paper Mario)
Hell Armored Bones – Hell Team (Hat Kid, Selves, Koopatroll)
Paladin – Sledge Bro A.k.a P. Bro (SMB)
Necromancer – Moonlight Cookie (Cookie Run)
Ragged Caster – Asmiley (Everybody Edites)
Diabolist – Blueberry Pie Cookie (Cookie Run)
Skeleton Commando – Black Yoshi (SMLogan)
Skeleton Sniper – Dirty Mario (SSBB)
Tactical Skeleton – Annoying Orange (Annoying Orange)
Giant Cursed Skull – Motherbrain (Super Metroid)
Bone Lee – Bianca (PG)
Dungeon Spirit – David’s Spirit ( Hilda)
White Cultist Archer – Violet Archer Cookie (CROB)


Cultist Archer – Wind Archer Cookie (CROB)
Cultist Devote – Prophet Cookie (CROB)
Boss 16: Lunatic Cultist – Luigi (SMB)
Phantasmal Dragon – Undead Worm (Terraria)
Ancient Vison – Vision of Darkness (Metroid Fusion)

Lunar Event

Post-Lunatic Cultist


Nebula Pillar
Nebula Floater – Nebula Soldier (CavestoryxTerraria)
Brain Suckler – Evolved Metroid (Metroid Phazon)
Predictor – Predictor Pirate (MZM)
Evolution Beast – Evolved Chomp (MAL)


Vortex Pilar
Alien Queen – Baby a Babe Mario (SML)
Vortexian – Vortexian Pirate (MZM)
Alien Horney – Mario PIush (SMP)
Storm Driver – Hero Cookie (Cookie Run)
Aaien Iarva – Baby Mario PIush (SMP)


Starcell – Poorat (barney n friends)
Flow Invader – Moonlight Cookie (CROB)
Twinkle Popper – Twinkle Cracker (SMB)
Twinkle – Twinkle Bud (SMB)
Milkyway Weaver – Milkypede
Star Gaze – Star Gazing Pirates (MZM)


Crawltipede – Recolored SM
Darkomire Rider
Darkanian – Darkanian Pirate (MZM)
Selenian – Rose Wilson (TTG)
Corite – Furious Grandpa (AGP)
Stroller – Giga Bowser (SMB)


Spore Zombie – Princess Peach SMB
Mushroom Zombie – Toad SMB
Anomura Fungus – Princess Cookie Cookie Run
Mushi Ladibug – Apple Cookie Cookie Run
Fingi Bulb – Nipper SMB

Glowing Snail – Blue Spiketop


Fungo Fish – Giant Metroid (SM)
Giant Fungi Bulb ( Spooky)


Sleepin Angler Bully
Pink Jellyfish – Starly (DNS)
Crab – Side Stepper SMB
Squid – BLooper SMB
Sea Snail – Spike Top SMB
Shark – Woody (SMLogan)

Dolphin – Death was created
Sea Turtle gonna stay like this for a while


Boss 14: Duke Fishron – Piggy Mario!!!! (SML)
Sharkron – Dirty Mario Plush (SML)

Pirate Invasion

Hardmode-After Altar is dead

Pirate Captain
Pirate Crosshair
Pirate Dekhand
Pirate Deadeye
Flying Dutchman


Ice Bat – Ice Ball SMB
Snow Flynx – Mr. Saturn (SMB)
Spiked Ice Slime – Spiked Ice Goomba (SMB)
Undead Viking – Angry Grandpa (AGP)
Cyan Beetle – Cyan Beetle (SMB)


Armore Viking – Nana (Iceclimbers)
Ice Elemental – Ice Smiley
Ice Tortoise – Gore edited
Icy Merman – Icy Mario (SSB)
Ice Mimic – Ice Angry Box SMB
Pigron – Piggy Mario (SML)

Lava Slime – Lava Goomba SMB
Fire IMP – Fire Mario (SMB)
Hellbat – Damned Soul (Sploder)
Demon – Maggie Demon (Loud House)
Vodoo Demon – Voodoo Maggie (Loud House)
Bone Serpent – Satanic Worm (Terraria)
Boss 7: The Wall of Flesh – Wall of Fiery Doom! (Terraria)
The Hungry – Hell Turtle (Rolling Turtle)
Leeches – (Lava Bubble) SMB


Lava Fly
Hell Butterfly – Star butterfly SVTFOE
Magma Snail – Red Spike Top SMB


Shadow Mimic – Shadow Angry Box SMB
Tortured SOul

Post Mechanical Bosses

Lava Bat – Lava Ball (SMB)
Red Devil – Fire Spirit Cookie (Cookie Run)

Post Golem

Magma Bat – Magma Mouse (Earthbound)
Spiked Lava Splime – Spiked Lava Goomba (SMB)
Lava Elemental – Lava Smiley (EE)
Lava Tortoise
Hell Chainsaw – Tina’s Fiery Chainsaw (AGP)
Lava Golen – Lava Torizo (Super AM2R)
Lava Mimic – Lava Pissed Box (SMB))

All 4 Celestial Pillars Killed


Moon Lord – ?????? (??????)
True Eyes of Cthulu – ???? ???????


Pixie – Starman SMB
Unicorn – Battle Maiden (Kyroke)
Gastropod – Illuminant Turtle (Rolling Turtle)
Light Mummy – Light Toadette (SMB)
Rainbow Slime – Rainbow Goomba SMB


Prismatic Lacewig
Boss 15: Empress of Light – Light Empress Cookie (Cookie Run)


Illuminant Slime – Illuminant Goomba SMB
Illuminant Bat – Illuminant Rat (Earthbound)
Chaos Elemental – Chaotic Noob (Roblox)
Enchanted Sword – Zan Partizzanne’s Electric Spear (Kirby)
Hallowed Mimic – Hat Kid’s Mimic of Wonders (Hat in Time)
Boss 8: Queen Slime – Latex Ballooned Rubber Ballgown Luca (Starbound)
Crystal Slime – Crystal Galloomba SMB
Bouncy Slime – Bouncy Galoomba (SMB)
Heavenly SLime – Heavenly Galoomba (SMB)

Tiles Used
Ground/Grass – Retro 16Bit SMB Overworld
Stone – retro 16bit SMB Underground
Meteorite – 16bit SMB Lavaland
Sand(Infected, Crimtane, Pure) – Smb1 Beach Tileset
Sandstone (Corrupt, Crimson, Hallowed) – Smm 16 Bit Smb1 Desert
Snow – Smb2 Ice Land
Ice (red, purple, pink, thin) Kirby Smb1 SNES Ice Pack
Corrupt Grass – Retro 16bit SMB Star Skies
Ebonstone – Allstar SMB Cavern
Crimson Grass – Retro 16bit SMB Volcano World
Crimstone – Allstar SMB Magma Land
Jungle – Smb1 Forest
Mushroom – Smb1 Deep Forest
Dungeon – Allstar SMB Castle(Pink, Blue, Green)
Nimbus Clouds (White, Gray) – Smb1 Cloudset
Ash – Smb1 Old Desert (Silt, Slush)
Hellstone – Kirby Lava Tiles
Obsidian Brick(Hellstone Brick – Lucifer
Hallowed Grass – 16Bit Smb1 Heaven
Pearlstone – Smb1 Crystal Cavern
Temple – Smb1 Peach’s Castle

Made by True Killer of Worlds

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