This pack offers something a bit different from others you might’ve seen.
The intent is to keep Terraria’s original aesthetic, but breathe some life into it. Originally this was considered to be purely a ‘color-correction’ texture pack, but it became a bit more than that.

– I began by modifying the dreary color of the sky. After much tweaking, I then focused on adding more color variation which added a LOT of depth, better-matching background elements and clouds than vanilla, and providing a brighter, more vibrant atmosphere at daytime overall

– The sun itself was edited to be slightly more detailed while keeping the original style, less ‘rotten-egg-like’, and tweaked to match the new sky

– Some backgrounds have been made more vibrant and detailed — specifically the Ocean Biome

– All standard water textures have been modified as well, to harmonize with the above changes


Typical texture pack installation, except for one additional STEP:

This pack will require you to install an additional file to where you installed Terraria.

The standard folder ist here: C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Terraria\Content\Images\Misc
his is needed in order to change the color of standard water — you must overwrite a file in the above folder called “water_0.xnb”. I also help guide you to this location in the download. I recommend backing up the original “water_0.xnb” somewhere safe if you wish to revert to the original water. The rest is standard procedure, but if this is your first time installing one:

Made by Lunatic Lobbyist

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