How do I use Texturepacks for Terraria?

Starting with version 1.4 it is possible to use a texture pack in Terraria very easily. Just open the “Texturepack” folder in the main menu and copy the downloaded texture packs into it. By clicking on the file you can either activate or deactivate it.

In which categories are the texture packs sorted?

The texture packs are sorted by “Full Texturepacks” and “Minor Changes”. A “Full Texturepack” is a pack that changes or has the goal to change almost all textures. A Texturepack with “Minor Changes” changes only a few textures like the inventory, a boss or some swords.

Are all these packs created by this site?

No, the packs are created by different people. They are always linked on the respective page.

Can I upload my own texture pack?

Yes this is possible. Fill out this form.

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