What is this Texture pack about?:
> Slimmer Female player sprite, with matching Armors and Clothing. (going back before Terraria 1.1.0)
> the Slimmer body, makes Armors appear more though and rugged.
> Legs stretching doing running animation instead of torso. (Since November 2011)
> Female versions of several Hostile NPC’s. (100+)
> Gore bits for every sprite i have Created/Changed.


Light Armors

Heavy Amor




Hostile NPCs

Alternate (Add-on) Packs:

Female Townies v1.8.B
Updated: 13/September/2020

Guide, Merchant, Arms Dealer, Old Lady, Clothier, Demolitionist.
Goblin Tinker, Wizard, Mrs. Santa, Truffle, Dyer, Witch Doctor.
Cyborg, Painter,Pirate Captain, Witch Doctor, Tax Collector, Angler. Barkeep, Golfer.
Traveling Merchant, Skeleton Merchant.

Dryad-Deer v1.3.B
Updated: 13/September/2020

Dryad as Warcraft Dryad
She will not comically fail trying to sit on a chair… but lay down next to it instead :dryadwink:

Centaur Mounts v1.1
Updated: 7/August/2020

Centaur and Unicorn-Centaur Mounts

DiscontinuedWill not be updated for 1.4:

off-hand: Shields and Tomes v1.4

Off-hand shields for Armors & off-hand Tomes for Robes
Off-hand Shields are Based on Main-hand shields by SzGamer227

Deer-taur Costume v1.0

Deer-taur Costume, replaces the Mermaid costume. (as the legs are invisible)

Anthropomorphic Animals v1.0

Changes the Animal costumes Mask to be more like Heads
Note: some hair styles still show
, you can fix that at the Stylist Townie

Made by Zilem

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5 Replies to “Slim Player & Female NPC Texture packs”

      1. I meant make it so the NPC vanity costumes match their new models. e.g. the clothier vanity set to match their new sprite

  1. Can you make a version that only changes the player model and armor? And also make the armor still show midrift on males?

    1. Separating the Player Sprite (Vanity and Armor) & NPCs (Townies, Monster Girls and Summons?, Loadingscreens?)
      It have been asked a few times trough the years. but have more implications and files in the middle then you think.
      It is something that requires Time, though and planning.

      I actually wanted the genders to look a bit more apart. with Male being more Muscular and Female more Feminine, then they currently look. but there is Limitations with Armors and Vanity sets in the way.
      But having them look more similar, is the opposite direction. going toward Terraria 1.0 where all that sat the Genders apart was “ugh!” and “ouf!” and is what got me started on modding Terraria.

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