Since version 1.4 Terraria officially supports texture packs. Before this was only possible with modloaders. Here on the website you can find some texturepacks. Most texturepacks only change a few textures. There are only a few textures that change all or most textures. In the almost complete texture packs, the classic graphics in HD quality are in the foreground.

There are many fun texture packs for Terraria. Some of them contain TV characters from the childhood in Terraria, or insiders from some YouTubers and streamers.

Here on this page you will find a variety of texture packs for download. Most of the texture packs work with Terraria version 1.4 and higher.

How to install a texture pack for terraria?

Installing texture packs is simple. Once you’ve downloaded a texture pack zip file, cut and paste it into Documents\My Games\Terraria\ResourcePacks to use it.

–> Click here for the Terraria Texture Packs

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